Manager Speech

The establishment of archives nationalist Folk Art Egyptian according to the term, which was common in the fifties of the last century, as well as the establishment of the scientific specialist Institute, based on preparing scientific specialized personnel in folk arts to do a specified job of collection, documentation, and classification and this  dream study Pioneers were : Suheir Alqlmaoy , Abdul Hamid Yunis, , Abdul Aziz Alohuany, and Ahmed Rushdi Saleh.

The start was in 1957, the establishment of the popular arts center and the Popular Arts Committee of the Supreme Council for Arts and Social Sciences. ( SCASS )

active movement has risen by The establishment of this center in collecting folklore and documentind it.  In order to be classified as a prelude to create this Archive dream.

But the political and military circumstances of the sixties in Egypt's, have reduced the role of the center and its importance,resulted in  The migration of the founders, but the dream of the establishment of the archive and the Scientific Institute was still going also pupils of Pioneer professors: Asaad Nadim and Safwat Kamal Abdel-Hamid senses and Mohamed El Gohary and Ahmed Morsi, exceeded their pioneers dreams advocating the  Creation of “ Archive of Folk Arts Arabic”.

For reasons that are difficult to take them out here, the dream was not achieved, till the eighties of the last century, the establishment of the Institute, but the basic dream was to create the archive based on documenting popular memory and the preservation of what is achieved was yet to be seen.

But With the beginning of this century - the twenty-first - the Egyptian Society of Folk Arts was established (2001) as a civil non profit association  by those worried about folklore preservation,  the Assembly had one basic objective - and perhaps the first objective - is to work towards the Archive ( the dream.)

And with the efforts of its members And togetherness led by Asaad Nadim managed, to begin its first step in (2006) to obtain a grant from the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, and the approval of the Minister of Culture on the allocation of part of the house Alkhrzacy and adjacent to the house Sehemi aesthetic (Historic Cairo) to be a center to create Archive National Folk Arts. the grant Provided us to start building the base for the project by providing the latest combine devices, recording , photography, and computers and also provided for training young men and women to register and document folk arts.  now 40 youths numbers, and supervised by 15 professors and experts specialized the project.