The material culture of the physical aspects of science traditions and is in interested in staying creativity Artisan technical and aesthetic for all cultural products inherited from parents and grandparents and the department of physical culture archives Documenting the materials of creativity and includes documentations practices, tools, materials used, methods and phases of the various work and the diversity of production and use in the life cycle of the individual and society. Material culture includes the following sections within a project documenting popular tradition:
1. Crafts and folk arts such as (carpentry, blacksmithing, pottery … ).
2. Popular building included (habitant, religious and servant ship architecture ) .
3. Knitting, sewing and clothing including (embroidery, mats, carpets).
4. Tools used in feeding and public meals. Divided into
a. A food manufactured for trade.
b. Every day life food at home.
c. Food for feats and life cycle.
5. Agriculture, grazing and fishing or hunting.
6. Transport and connectors include (Wheel, barrows, donkey carts and maritime transport.)
7. Machines and tools used in music include strings and blowing tools.
8. Tools used in Shows, drama , dances and public sports including (the stick, theatre and El sewan).
9. Tools and description related to beliefs, public acquaintances and life cycle including (perfumery, precious stones and Tattooing…)